What’s this life for? Who Am I? Why Me? So many questions and not very many answers. Teens and even adults have so many questions. It is time to GET REAL! Its time to GET REAL about the real issues? Bullying, Suicide, Self-harm, can all of this be stopped? YES!!

Veenu has a way of really connecting with her audience. She is a dynamic storyteller. She is the REAL DEAL! She will inspire you, make you laugh and make you cry, but most of all she will get REAL with you. So many want to mask over the real issues of bullying, suicide and cutting, Veenu walks the fine edges to get to real with you.

When Veenu comes to speak you will learn why someone bullies, wants to commit suicide or self harm (cut). You will learn how to recognize the symptoms before it is too late. You will also find the solution for someone else or even yourself. Veenu has designed a simple 3-step process Rewrite, Evolve and LIVE (REAL). She will teach you how to recognize the story you continue to tell yourself and rewrite it. She will then teach you how to evolve into that new story and then she will teach you how to LIVE it!! Life is all about choices, what will choose?

Veenu is an Inspirational Speaker and a Preventionist. Veenu has spoken to hundreds of students. She believes no one else should have to hurt or want to die. There is a cure! This is all preventable.

Watch Veenu in Action

Bullying Prevention

Over 160,000 kids miss school each day for fear of being bullied. Veenu knows how to reach these children. Bullying is preventable, and Veenu teaches children, parents and teachers about the warning signs while instilling valuable lessons about self-worth and peer pressure. Reach students before there is a bullying incident at your school!

Suicide Prevention

What are the warning signs of suicide? How do you approach a child who may be suicidal? Veenu’s been there, and she draws on her own experience with pain and depression as a youth to reach at-risk young people. She helps students find the passion to live and teaches them life-changing lessons about positive choices.

Self-Harm Prevention

Why do people hurt themselves? Do you know the signs or how to help? Veenu talks to students, parents and teachers about the roots of self-harm and the power of self-worth. Through her engaging presentation, she shows that everyone has a choice and that self-harm, like bullying and suicide, is preventable.

What is Bullying?

I believe that bullying is a repetitive behavior that occurs with the intent to harm someone’s reputation, harm them emotionally and/or physically. Bullying is not a joke, to get someones attention it is a thought provoking action. This movement I have created is called Bullyproof Life. Bullyproof Life is about bulletproofing all aspects of Life, home, schools, business and internet. It is about not putting a band-aid over the situation at hand. It is about looking at why is bullying happening? What if the bully felt self-worth and had connection in his/her life, would they still feel the need to take it away from another vulnerable person? I believe NOT! The victim of bullying is just a way the bullier can satisfy those needs. It is about control and getting the feelings/emotions met. It is a self gratifying moment, at the expense of someone else.

Get REAL is the solution to the problem. It is about Rewriting the story that the person is living in. Then it is about Evolving into the new story (by coming up with strategies). Action, taking action using the strategies in order to Live the new story… Wether you are bullying, being bullied, self-harming or contemplating suicide, it is time to get R.E.A.L.