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Veenu KellerFor over 8 years, Veenu Keller has worked with teens and adults to inspire them to believe in themselves and to know they always have a choice. Her Life Coaching helps you be the best version of yourself. Veenu has spent the last two decades working with at-risk teens, children with disabilities and parents of children with behavioral issues, drawing on her own experiences by life coaching people to aspire to want more and be more.

Veenu graduated with honors with a Bachelors in Psychology, and she has worked with Teens in Transition program for five years. She has also completed a certification in coaching through Robbins-Madanes Training and is in the Senior Leadership Program with Tony Robbins.

When growing up, Veenu struggled to believe in herself and made choices that carried serious consequences, including inflicting self-harm through cutting and making a plan to commit suicide.  She married early on, and was a single mom for years. Now she has a beautiful blended family.

Today, as a speaker Veenu will share her story with others to inspire them make better choices and become the best version of themselves. Veenu’s story will have you crying, laughing and living her journey, but most of all she will have you believing in yourself.

As a coach, Veenu will assist you with learning what the road map to your life is. She helps you figure out where you are at, where do you want to go, and how to close the gap. She will tell you things you do not want to hear, show you things you do not want to see, so you can be the best you can be.  She will help you divorce the story that has been holding you back for years. She will ask you quality questions to know what strategies to use and she will hold you accountable for the action you will take.

As a family consultant, Veenu helps you see what is not working at home. Why behaviors are reoccurring and no matter what you have “tried” you are not getting the results you want. She coaches, kid, teens and parents. She helps you bring peace back into the home, either by weekly sessions or by coming and spending 4 days in your home using a successful process she has developed called the In-Home Turn Around.  

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