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In-Home Turn-Around Program

Does your child listen?

Are you constantly yelling and not getting the results you want?

Do you have organization in your home?

Are you in charge or is your child in charge?

Are they independent, or do you have to do everything for them?

Do they respect you or do they yell at you?

Can they focus on the task at hand?

Have they been diagnosed with ADHD or ODD?

Do you feel like you have tried “everything” but nothings worked?

These are difficult challenges…

But there is a solution!

After working with kids and families for the past 18 years as an Infant-Toddler Family Specialist and a qualified mental health professional, I have transformed children with an array of diagnoses. I see the child for who they are, not the label they have been given. Just because a child doesn’t focus as much as others expect them to, or has a lot of energy and is very active doesn’t mean they have ADHD. Just because a child is defiant doesn’t mean they have ODD.

The In-Home Turn-Around Program helps families understand the behaviors their children are having and provides the strategies to change it around.

In just 4 days, I join you on your turf, in your home, working with the entire family. Together, we will:

  • benefit #1 – interview each family member to discover what is working and what is not and map out the strategies for where you want to go as a family.
  • benefit #2 – create a custom schedule and routine that fits your household’s needs
  • benefit #3 – discover new approaches to communication for everyone (parents and children)
  • benefit #4 – real-time adjustments – in the moment – to role model the best strategies to foster a peaceful home life.

After the 4 days of one-on-one in-person coaching and transformation, we will continue to refine your custom strategies with 3 months of coaching to ensure follow-through, make adjustments as needed, and create sustainable changes.

You also get emergency access to me via text, phone, or email. If something comes up, we’ll take care of it – together – immediately.

This is a small investment in your family for a lifetime of happiness and peace.

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