We all have a past, a story you create the meaning

Life is a Story. Victims and The Bully All Have A Story

We all have a past. It’s our story.  Whether you’re a victim or the bully there is a story. The story will either keep you where you are at or it will move you forward.

All of us just the victim of our story. When we look at the person who is a bully, do you think they don’t have a story. I’ve read countless articles about victims of bullying and what their story was/is. I haven’t read a Bully’s story. Did you know bullying is a coping skill too? Through my research people that bully have low self esteem too, they are bullied, neglected or abused. When a bully, bullies they are looking for the need to be fulfilled that is lacking. They are looking for someone, anyone to see them and acknowledge them. What if we stopped suspending the bully and  spoke to them to find out what their need was? Would they bully? What if we sat down with them and helped them rewrite their story to be empowering and use their leadership skills and skills of influencing in a positive way. When we suspend the bully all we are doing is setting up another victim. This cycle will only stop when we starting talking to the bully and find out what their needs are.

I was a victim of bullying since I was 6 years old. It didn’t stop in school, high school or college; nor did it stop when I was married, divorced and in other relationships. Bullying did not stop at my workplace either.  It only stopped when I found out how to love my self and gain my self worth. It is then I became bullyproof. I would no longer allow others to take away from my worth. I stood up for myself. Standing up for myself did not mean I had to fight or argue, it just meant the words that were said to me had no meaning.

Bullyproof is making each individual know their self worth, know their identity, have self esteem that no matter what no one can get through them and take it.

Watch this video to learn more about Bullying, The BullyProof Life Movement and how to STOP BULLYING!