13 Reasons Why This Movie Is NEEDED

The Movie That Has Sparked A Lot Of Controversy Is Actually Much Needed

I am very sad to hear of the passing of teenagers. I hear about teen suicide almost on a daily basis. There are many reasons why someone wants to take their life. I’ve seen as recently as of today how many want to blame the movie “13 Reasons Why” for influencing others to take their lives.

This is how I feel about it. If a child/teen/adult is suicidal, this movie is not going to give them the green light to do it. I believe if anything it would show them how to reach out because this movie does not just show Hannah Baker committing suicide, it show what everyone else goes through after. The grief her parents face as well as her friends.

People want to take their life because they are depressed, the hurt they encounter through bullying or abuse is not worth the life they are living now, mental health diagnosis, or they do not have a compelling future. To say a “movie” is what led a child to take their life, I believe is not credible.

How many cartoons did we watch with the Wile E. Coyote getting blown up or a boulder pushed on its head by the Road Runner? Did we go out and repeat this sort of behavior just because we watched it? What about bugs bunny, or Tom and Jerry? 13 Reasons why is a movie we watch 1 time.. The cartoons listed above we watched everyday for years growing up. How do we blame a fictional show whether is be a cartoon or movie for our behaviors? Yes these are cartoons = not real.. 13 Reasons Why is a movie = not real.

I do not want to take anything away from the sorrow people feel after they loose a love one, especially to suicide. I understand the families want a reason why, and when they ask repeatedly over and over again “WHY” their brain will find an answer…. Right now the answer is a movie.

We can look at this movies as a “guide to glorify suicide” or we can look at this movie about LESSONS.. real lessons that are happening everyday.. It is all about the meaning you are giving it.

We as a community have to stop being so judgmental on what is happening and close our eyes to it or criticize it, we need to see what the CAUSE is and then and only then can we make an impact.

I had spent 21 years of my life being suicidal. What I understand from my experience: why I attempted suicide, why I wanted to do leave this world, if I was able to focus on what I had versus what I didn’t have I would not of been depressed, and if I had self worth and self love then the bullying wouldn’t of influenced me to believe what they said about me. From the time I was 13 to 34, if I would of saw this movie, I would of felt attached to Hannah Baker and understand why she committed suicide.


I do not believe the movie would of influenced me at all to go ahead and take my life. I know that if I wanted to die, then I would do it, not because of a movie, but because I didn’t feel this life was worth living any more. Once again, I did not have a compelling future, I was so busy focusing on what I didn’t have so I was depressed, and the pain I felt from being bullied was so bad I didn’t want to live another day of it.

10 years later… I am a coach, a behavior specialist, family coach/consultant, an author and speaker. I’ve learned to love myself. I know my worth and I have self esteem.

So I have created 13 Reasons Why this movie is needed

  1. A depiction of what a teenager encounters in their life
  2. An opportunity for teens to check themselves and be aware of their behavior and how it affects others
  3. A great look for schools administration to see what do they have in place? Are they aware of their issues in their schools? How involved are schools?
  4. Parents are missing the signs at home. Whether you are involved or not, sometimes signs get missed
  5. Awareness… This film really brings awareness that this subject is REAL
  6. It gives parents an opportunity to create a dialogue to know your children better.
  7. It shows all of us what is really happening at school and outside of schools
  8. Suicide does not just happen if you are depressed.
  9. This series gives teens an opportunity to learn how to reach out and help your friend, to see the signs.
  10. If you are feeling like Hannah Baker it gives you an opportunity to change the situation around. To see if ONLY her peers knew they would of done something different.
  11. Brings awareness to what alcohol can do, so when teen are at parties to be more aware of their actions
  12. People who are not telling you they are hurting, really might be hurting. We all wear masks.
  13. Awareness on: bullying, clicks, behaviors, rape, alcohol, suicide and the grief of it all