Is Bullying Affecting Your Child’s Grades

Have you seen a difference in your child’s grades?  Do you know if they are being bullied. Yesterday NBC and CNN were talking about this. What’s great? There is more awareness to the affects of bullying that is happening. Some might believe it’s an social/emotional affect however, it is more than just that. “A study was done recently. Nearly a quarter of the kids (24%) suffered chronic levels of bullying during their school years. These kids had lower academic achievement, a greater dislike of school and less confidence in their academic abilities.” ~CNN. So again, I ask do you know why your students grades are falling?

Sometimes we just need to create more conversation between your child and yourself. Most parents will come and ask their children “how’s your day?” The child responds, “ok” or “good” and then the parent goes on to ask, “what do you want for dinner?” What if there was more investigation going on. What I mean by this is ask them, “What was specifically great about your day?” “Is there anything happening that is a challenge for you?” “What can I help you with?”

When looking at grades, do not blame. Find out what they think their standard should be. Then ask them, “what would have to happen for you to make your standard?” “What can I do to help you make it?” “Is there anything stopping you from getting it?” Children think they have to have A’s and B’s. Although for parents it is great to see, but what if this is not in your child’s potential? What if it is and they are so caught up with the social aspect of school (being bullied) they do not know how to concentrate?

What actions can you take as a parent? 1st investigate with your child. 2nd have a conference with the school teacher. Find out what they are seeing or observing? Next come up with an action plan together to help support your child. Our children want boundaries, they want to be seen and heard. This is one way we can accomplish this with our children.