Speak UP, You have a VOICE


Together we can stop Bullying. How many times have you witnessed something that in your gut you know it was not right? Those instances where you have to ask yourself “should I do something?” You end up watching then walking away.

You do not need to be silent. Do not be shamed or bullied into silence. It is time to be an  UPSTANDER and use your voice rather than being a Bystanders which continues to look in silence and do nothing. What if everyone had a voice rather than staying in silent, what would change? This could be a stop to BULLYING.

When we stand in silence how are we less a bully than the person doing the action? We are not. Most do not want to get in the middle of it. Some fear they too will be bullied. What if standing up for the person helped them. What if this changed the world of bullying? If your voice made a difference would you speak up? Too many people today are standing and observing, wondering why bullying is happening. How many videos do we see on the internet of kids bullying kids. Instead of videoing it, stop it.

People bully for many reasons. 1 because they need to feel good about themselves, empowered, Bullies also need to feel connection. It is time to help the bully realize there is another way to meet their needs. As an Upstander you can do just that.

How can you be an Upstander? Use your voice! If you know something is happening that is not right with your ethics than say something. Let the bully no this is a non-negotiable and you will not stand for it. Make a choice walk away or stand up for what in what you believe in. Be an Upstander and use your voice.