Is Dairy good for kids?

Milk is often touted as being essential for strong bones and overall health, but what does the science say about dairy products and their impact on kids?

Did you know?

I grew up drinking cow’s milk. I was born in America and raised on store-bought pasteurized whole milk. I didn’t know that it wasn’t good for you. I grew up hearing the commercials “Milk does a body good, pass it on.” 

It wasn’t until I was 34 years old that I was at a seminar that was teaching us about nutrition, and what we put in our body is what fuels us. It was more than eat right to look good; it was more eat right to feel good. So I started to pay attention, and there was one thing I heard specifically that made me research if milk was bad for us?

“We are the only species in the world that drink another species milk.”

I was like, “what? OMG, yes” Then I continued to hear, cow milk is healthy for cows. It is designed to grow a cow in weight, fat, organ sizes, etc. So this got me researching. I only had two boys at the time, and I was raising them on cow milk. You do not know what you do not know.

What I saw was astounding; I found out that milk can trigger an opioid response in the brain in some people.  ( There are many other issues that can come from it. When we drink cow’s milk, we are consuming the hormones that are in the milk as well as other “pesticide residues, veterinary drugs, and heavy metals in milk “ (

There is a lot of research out there, and I invite you to do your own. It was our personal belief after doing the research that made us decide without a doubt that our kids will not drink cow’s milk.