I Know Why My 7-Year Old Has Fits

I Know Why My 7-Year Old Has Fits

I realized the most deepest understanding I’ve ever had, why my 7 year-old son (he’s a twin) has his fits.

To be clear, they are not what I would call a meltdown. They typically last for maybe 1-2 minutes.

He has them in his room, and when he is done feeling what he wants, he comes out and we talk about choices and what he felt and how he can express it differently next time.

Well today was different. I am a behavior specialist, I have spent almost 1/2 of my life studying about behaviors.

I decided to grow again, so I got certified as a Behavioral Consultant…

By getting certified in Behavior Analysis and Advanced Behavior Analysis, I am now able administer, score, teach and train on The DISC™ personality assessment as well as the Thinking Style Assessment, Value Assessment and Behavioral Attitude Index Assessment.

With ALL 4 of those assessments, not only can I see anticipated behaviors, but I can see the thinking styles, the hidden motivators and the emotions and thought processes that subconsciously influence every decision someone makes.

So, with my new found knowledge stacked with my 23 + years of knowledge and hands on working…

I realized my son is someone who needs to be heard, he needs to feel safe, he needs to feel life is has to be fair, he gets things done, and he wants to feel like he’s in charge…

I was able to understand all of this by seeing what his DISC personality profile is (which is easy to see, because it is what he displays) and understanding his Value is equalityThinking Style is an executor and his Behavior Attitude is power.

Understanding what all this is helps me to understand my son at a deeper level.

ALL behavior is, is a need that is being met.

Being able to see what not only his personality style is (which can change for him still because of his age) I can see what influences him..

Today has helped me to have more patience, speak to him so he can understand me.

If you are having challenges with any relationship, spouse, child, teen, family member, co-worker or boss OR you see your team at work his having challenges, or the family is having challenges, I would look at what are the communication styles and what are influencing them.

If you are a coach, consultant, work with people, sales, imagine what it would do for you to understand your clients communication style, thinking style, hidden motivators and what influences them subconsciously to make their decisions?

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