What’s 2023 Going to look like for you?

What’s 2023 Going to look like for you?

How is this year going to be different from any other year?

If you don’t know what you want, how will you know the direction you want to go in?   It’s like shooting arrows into the air and hoping it will hit a target. What target?

Think of the arrows as strategies… Doing strategies without and outcome in mind will take you no where. Knowing what the outcome is (what you want) will support you knowing what strategies you need to take that will be valuable and worth the time it takes to contemplate & take action.

So here’s a quick way to figure out what exactly you want to achieve this year.

First: Think about December 31, 2023.. what are you celebrating? When you are reflecting on the last year that went by so quickly or not, what are you excited about? What are the magic moments? What are the lessons learned? What are all the things you did for your business, self, and relationships?

Then celebrate like crazy. Seriously, feel what you feel in that moment. What are you grateful for?

Then, look at what are the immediate things that you know you are on your way of already completing.. maybe you started them in 2022 & now it’s close to completion.

Then what’s the next on your list? What’s the next thing you really want to focus on. What we focus on becomes the magnet for our energy.

After all the goals are written down, you now have a map for 2023!

Now the strategies will have a purpose.. The fun part is now strategizing to obtain all the amazing things you will accomplish this year.

A friend of mine, Chuck Hogan reminded me: Having the best life doesn’t mean your the best you… BUT being the best you will bring the best life!

Happy New Year! Make it the best year again! – Veenu