What Is the True Meaning of Valentine’s Day?

Millions of individuals exchange expressions of affection for their loved ones on a certain day each year. The 14th of February is a day when people openly celebrate desire, passion, friendship, and love, whether it be in a down-on-one-knee situation or through an anonymous letter to a secret lover. And while it would be simple to head to the store and buy the first red plush teddy bear you see, it’s crucial that we all keep in mind the true significance of this beautiful day.

Named for the Catholic Saint Valentine, a Third Century priest in Rome who secretly married Roman soldiers in front of the pagan emperor Claudius II despite his orders not to do so because he thought the men’ sole love should be their devotion to Rome. Valentine had the unfortunate experience of being apprehended for his covert crimes and put to death on February 14th, 270. According to a legend, when incarcerated, he penned a love letter to the jailor’s blind daughter and signed it “from your Valentine”; for this reason, we customarily sign this as well. Valentine’s Day has developed into a worldwide celebration that elevates the value of love in modern society.

In recent years, Valentine’s Day has come to be known as the season when the hashtags #luckygirl and #boysdonegood gain thousands of millennial followers across social media platforms as couples flaunt their lavish gifts, romantic dinners, date nights, and even public [rather than private] messages of gratitude. However, it is just a celebration of love, lust, and flirtation. After all, we all yearn for and seek love at different times in our life since it is one of our fundamentally humanistic desires.

Valentine's Day

The brain releases more dopamine and phenylethylamine (PEA) when we fall in love, which results in sensations of intense bliss. This has been scientifically tested and proved. These substances may have developed over the course of our existence to promote human partnering, allowing us to experience and benefit from that wonderful exhilaration. Though not all cultures view romantic love the same way, it is likely that our Western society values it more highly than other cultures do. Of course, not all cultures view romantic love the same way. Nevertheless, the adage “love is all you need” and “love overcomes all evil” are true. Love is in the air.