2024 Success Made Simple: Achieving End Results, Not Just Setting Goals

When you look back on your year of 2023, what are you celebrating today? Did you accomplish all you said you would? What about your goals or New Year resolutions?

There was a time in my life that I would set goals around this time of year. I would reflect on my past year, looking at what did I learn and what do I want for the year to come.

What I found was being disappointed for not accomplishing what I said, or forgetting I even had these goals.

Through this journey, I found looking at my life wheel and the different categories, seeing what each category would look like if it was already a 10 and then evaluating where I truly am right now, made me realize the areas I wanted to grow.

Setting the Scene

Imagine this: it’s the end of 2024, and you’re reflecting on the year that has passed. What are you celebrating? Picture a life where you have achieved what you truly desire, not just a list of forgotten resolutions. It’s about looking at your end results for your family, finances, relationships, social life, health, spirituality, career, and personal development.

Shifting the Focus

What if the coming year was about expanding on what you already have and looking at what you want to celebrate? What if you started by focusing on the end result you want in your life, in all these important areas?

Visualize Your Success

Visualize this time in 2024. What are you celebrating? When we aren’t distracted by the obstacles that pop up and stay true to what we truly want, focusing on that end result, it’s amazing what we can create. These obstacles can be our fears, our preconceived notions of how things should be, judgment, or anything else that distracts us from staying clear on our end results.

The Power of Discipline and Habits

I’ve learned from my mentor, Joseph McClendon, III, that discipline is doing the prescribed thing at the prescribed time, even when you don’t want to do it. With discipline, we create habits. And when we have healthy habits, we get rewarded. These rewards are the end results we’ve created.

So, as you approach 2024, don’t just set goals and forget about them. Instead, envision the end results you want in every aspect of your life. Stay focused, overcome obstacles, and cultivate the discipline to turn your vision into reality. When you do, you’ll find yourself celebrating a year filled with meaningful achievements and genuine growth.

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