What Celebration Does

When we teach our kids to celebrate, when we teach them to be their own raving fans, can you imagine how that will stack through their lifetime? Can you imagine what it would feel like to be able to celebrate themselves and not wait for someone in the audience to celebrate them? I remember being at one of my children’s soccer games. I remember this child having the ball, dribbling it, and then taking the ball and scoring that goal. We were all like, “Oh my gosh! That’s amazing.” “Oh, he did such a great job.” I see this little boy looking for his parents. His parents weren’t there. Instead of him celebrating, “Yes!” He just moved on. What that showed me in that moment was that this child did not know how to be his own raving fan.

Let me ask you something: when do we teach our kids to celebrate the grades that they have? When do we teach our children to celebrate when they clean their room? When they do their chores, right? What about teaching them to celebrate when they do anything right? If we are not even looking at the big things they do, how are we going to even let them recognize the small things they do? Did you know that part of creating your child’s self-worth inside of them is really about teaching them to celebrate, knowing that not only are you a raving fan, but you also teach them how to be their own raving fan? This is what celebration does.

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