Setting Up Children at School Tips

We have this routine set up, and then all my children have to do is brush their teeth, get ready, and take their vitamins. They’ve already packed their bags and everything; grab their lunch, put it in their backpack, and we’re ready to go. I am known to be a yeller when I get frustrated and overwhelmed. Well,  guess what? So do they. We have had such amazing mornings because we’ve taken off that feeling of rush and what we have to do and said, “Are we forgetting this or we’re forgetting that?” We’re having the conversations at night about what shoes they can wear, about filling up their water bottle, and what they’re going to do to make sure that they remember their lunch in the morning. We’re already having that conversation when we’re not feeling rushed.

Make sure that they’re drinking water in the morning. Our bodies get dehydrated at night; we go so many hours without anything in our bodies. It’s a great thing to start that habit of just waking up and giving them that eight-ounce glass of water to refuel the body. Having a great breakfast. My kids don’t like to eat breakfast, and yet I always try to have them have fruit, a granola bar, some oatmeal, or something quick and fast because they don’t like to eat a lot and it doesn’t take a lot of time to prepare.

 Then, the last thing I would do is celebrate. Celebrate when you’re in that car with them or when you’re kissing them off to school. Celebrate how amazing the morning has been with them, and I always ask them, “What kind of day are they going to have?” I want them to see that they’re going to have a great day. Are they going to have an outstanding day? Are they going to have a great day? Then I asked them, “What does that look like?” So these are just a few tips to help your kids reduce the anxiety or any of the stress that they’re feeling going back to school.

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