Family Recharge Day

It took me a long time to learn how to self-care because I thought self-care was selfish, I thought self-care was being lazy, and I thought self-care meant I wasn’t getting things done that needed to get done and I was going to get behind. When you change the meaning of something to mean something more empowering, bigger, better, and brighter, your life becomes that too. I give you permission to have a recharge day. Not only that, get your calendar out right now and see which day this month you could have a recharge day and bring your kids to that.

Have an official family recharge day where people can stay in their pajamas, get their sweatpants on, or whatever it is to feel comfortable. Do whatever they want, just to relax, and not have any agenda or anything that they have to do. As a matter of fact, we’re going to teach them that they get to do things and recharge. They get to learn this at a young age. Watch what it does to their grades; watch what it does to them listening to you and getting things done; watch how organized they start to become because their energy gets bigger and brighter just like ours does. 

Another thing you could do is make a list of the things that recharge you. Is it getting a massage? Is it getting a facial? Is it worth taking a trip overnight with your partner just to get away from the rat race that we all live in? What can you do when you have a list of things that you like to do and you get your kids to make a list of things that they like to do? Sometimes your recharge days actually become fun family days. It’s really about letting go of the agenda and finding what you guys like to do together to spend that time. Spend that time together bonding and recharging without any expectations, without any chores to do, and without any reprimand. It’s just plain family fun each and every day when you recharge yourself. Bring that energy back alive in you because what we digest, we give to our kids, and they feel it, and they also feed off that energy.

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