Meet Veenu


VEENU INSPIRES: Have you ever felt guilty after yelling at your children, despair for not being able to get through to your defiant teenager, or a divide so great that it felt like your spouse was on the other side of the Grand Canyon yet, in reality, they are right next to you in your house? Do you need to regain order in your home? Do you feel as successful at home as you do at work?  This doesn’t have to be your reality any longer.

Veenu Keller is known as The Family TurnAround Expert, Certified Life Coach, & Behavioral Consultant and a bestselling author featured on ABC, NBC, CBS FOX & CW. But more than that, she is a heart-centered family interventionist who possesses deep and abiding wisdom that allows her to come into any family experiencing dissonance and crack the code needed to bring them peace and harmony. 

An expert in her field, Veenu has the unique ability to get to the root of any issue and bring lasting change into the lives of families once riddled with turmoil and despair. Through repairing relationships, guided self-discovery, and understanding the needs of all, she helps each member unlock their purpose, creating a path for individual success as well as growth for the family unit. She is known in her circle as the Family/Kid whisperer, the Super Nanny of all thing’s children, the founder of the In-Home TurnAround, where Veenu creates an individualized road map for success for all the members involved. Creating lasting changes for the best possible future, Veenu is the answer.

Veenu Graduated with a Bachelors in Psychology with Honors, from Campbell University. She began working with children ages birth to three years old and became certified by the state of North Carolina as an Infant-Toddler Family Specialist. Veenu continued her education and to hone her skills by becoming a Behavioral Educator who specialized in working with children on the Autism Spectrum and extensively trained in ABA therapy.

Veenu graduated from Anthony Robbins' Mastery University and Leadership Academy, became a Trainer. Certified in Neuro Linguistic Programming, emMatrix, FreedomPoint, Hypnotherapy and Time Line therapy. She became a certified Behavior Consultant specializing in the DISC™ personality assessment. In addition, she became certified as a Life Coach through Robbins Madanes Coaching.Presently, Veenu continues to affect change in the lives of people across the globe with her bullying prevention campaign, personal coaching, public speaking events for battered women, self-harm and suicide, parenting without blame and shame, administering and speaking on the DISC™ assessment and the Hidden Values (4D process) and authoring number one selling books on Amazon.

Especially now in the world we are living in, parents are so consumed with work and their kid’s hectic schedules that there is no work/life balance. The problem is, the relationships between the spouses and parent to kids are becoming increasingly disconnected, causing overwhelm and frustration throughout the family. The feeling of success they have at their job is definitely not the success they are feeling with their family. Veenu has developed a proven 3-step process, that helps marriages deepen, communication be engaging, kids feel more secure, and full family transformation and happiness is created.