Speaking Topics

BullyProof Life Movement:

This presentation will address bullying, self-harm, and suicide. It is important to know how to support those that have been a victim of bullying; it is even more important to know why people bully so we can STOP it.

How many children are absent today from school? What is their excuse? According to State Justice Dept. 160,000 kids per day do not attend school for fear of being bullied. What if the person bullying had self-worth, would they bully? What if the “victim” had self-worth, would they be bullied. Today bullying is getting out of hand. The only time it is talked about is when there is an incident. Bullying is happening not only at school but by cyber-bullying. Kids today can’t even get on line, because they are afraid. Could you imagine living each day in fear? Veenu knows how to reach these children. You can’t take away a symptom without dealing with the true problem. Is bullying preventable? YES!! Its about teaching children, teachers, parents about the warning signs. Its about teaching the children about self-worth. It's about teaching the children how to be their self without being afraid! Are you going to wait until there is a reason, or do you want to reach the students before? The CHOICE is yours….

Veenu knows all too well what bullying can lead to, as she too was a victim. She used to self-harm and suicide as means to an end.  She now realizes the value of life and is teaching others coping skills in order to stop self-harm and suicides.

The taboo word “suicide” What is it? Do you know what the warning signs are? Do you know how to approach a child you suspect is suicidal? What are they feeling? 1 of the reasons why someone contemplates suicide is because they have no compelling future. If you do not know what you are living for, then why live?

Did you know the second leading cause of death from the ages 10-24 is Suicide? It is the third leading cause for college and youth from ages 12-18.

Every day 5.400 children attempt suicide between the 7th-12th grade. Until you walk through the shoes of someone who has been there, you truly never know. Veenu’s been there. Through her pain and depression as a youth, to her gaining strength and finding her passion to live, she will assist students with learning about choices. Suicidal is becoming an epidemic. No one wants to talk about it, until it happens at their school. Suicide is PREVENTABLE. If you know the signs, you can see the signs. It’s all about choice.

Self-harm is the unknown…the unseen… It’s what is happening at a growing number, but no one is talking about it. There are so many ways to self-harm, anorexia, picking at sores, not letting them heal, burning, and cutting… Do you know why people hurt themselves? Perhaps it is to match how they feel from the inside to the outside? Perhaps it is instant gratification. 1 out of 5 girls are cutters and 1 out of 7 boys are cutters. Do you know the signs? Parents, Educators, and Peers do you know if someone you know is hurting themselves. How would you know? Did you know that this is preventable? What if the person hurting themselves had self worth? Would they cut/harm themselves?

Veenu Keller is a dynamic, insightful and fun speaker as she shares her expertise with both parents and children.

See Me, Hear Me, Empower Me:

Do you see the signs? Is your child happy? Do they have coping skills? How do they cope? Have you ever thought does my son/daughter or student have self-worth? Everything we do is a behavior . A behavior will only continue if it is reinforced. Whether you are a parent or a teacher, whether you have a child or a teenager, what are their behaviors saying to you? If you attempted to stop the behavior, is it working? If it is not, it is because the need is being met by the behavior. If your child or student is depressed and has a plan for suicide, that plan is meeting his/her needs. Most kids that are depressed, feel alone, have no self worth, also have no compelling future. YOU can change the behavior. If you have a student or a child that is acting out constantly and nothing you do is working, its because their behavior is getting them what they want.  Children/Students act out/tantrum for 2 main reasons: they want attention or they want control.

If you know the signs, if you have the knowledge to do so and if you take action, behaviors can be reshaped. You can help your child/student get their needs met in an appropriate way. Learn how to give them choices, how to talk to them, and how to really help them with making better choices.

6 Leadership Styles and Postures:

Do you know what it takes to make an extraordinary leader?  Are you a leader and yet you’re not able to achieve the results you want? What if it wasn’t about your leadership qualities and more about your leadership style.

My presentation will help understand D. Goleman’s 6 leadership styles and when they are best used. (The Pacesetter, Authoritative, Affilitative, Coaching, Coercive, and Democratic) Leaders go 1st. Leading is about mentoring and showing, not dictating.  Leadership is about curiosity, and vision not judgment. This presentation will also teach about posture (Superior, Neutral and Inferior) This is an interactive presentation where activities are done to assist the audience with learning and ingraining it .  If your students or office need to learn more about leadership in order to increase their productivity or in order to get more done and meet outcomes, this presentation is for you.