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I HAVE No idea where my son would be today if it weren’t for Veenu & I can not thank her enough.”
Joe Wensil

My Happy Clients

“Veenu has been our family coach for 4 months now. She has the amazing ability to strengthen our parenting skills while working wonders with all the different personality/relationship dynamics of our three young girls. Her inspirational tools has lead to stronger bonds between the children as well as in our marriage. No other therapist has made the headway she has I strongly recommended her services, she has positively changed our family!”
Susan Harris
“Since working with Veenu, I’ve felt more energetic and happy. I now have different views on situations. I know I can’t dwell on the past because it only matters what happens forwards not backwards.”
Christina, age 14
Las Vegas, NV
 “I am very happy Veenu has helped us and our daughter in so many ways. She showed myself and my husband that we are in control, not our 2-yr old daughter. Without Veenu (and before she came into our home) our daughter was in control; there was no time to play with her or enjoy her because it was a constant fight for control. Now we get to see what our child’s amazingly fun personality is. Our daughter is now not in control (of us) and is not fighting every step of everything. Veenu is an amazing person and I will cherish everything she has done for our family.”
Victoria Mundy
 “I am the proud mom of two beautiful yet stubborn girls. At my oldest daughter’s 2 year check up she had a vocabulary of less than 10 words. I hired Veenu, owner of Aspirations to come work with her as her CBRS provider and saw an instant improvement! She had an incredible connection with our daughter and was able to make positive strides with her speech. Not only did Veenu do remarkable things with my daughter but she also taught me the skills to work with her in between sessions. By the time my daughter was 3 years old she tested above average for her vocabulary. Thanks to the success I had with Veenu I didn’t even think twice about hiring her again when my younger daughter showed the same developmental delays as my oldest daughter. Veenu went out of her way to work with my daughter and again I saw instant improvements and the same wonderful connection. Our youngest improved so quickly she tested out of the program within 6 months of Veenu working with her. Veenu has been a true blessing to my girls!”
 Kristy Gross
“I have had the great pleasure of working with Veenu for the last several weeks. She has helped me totally transform my family! I can’t praise her enough. Anyone lucky enough to work with Veenu will be glad they did!! I’m so grateful!”
“I was recently attending a conference where Veenu was a speaker. I am so thankful to see that Veenu has the courage and determination to get such an important message out to the youth of our society about ‘fitting in’ and the challenges that our children face. She is such an asset to have for your group.”
Miki Knowles
Orlando, FL
“My son had quit playing high school sports which he had always been into & started hanging with wrong crowd. Started partying, getting in trouble with the law & quit school. I asked Veenu if maybe she could talk with him & try to help get him back on the right track. She worked with him for a good while, can’t remember exactly how long but it took awhile. She worked with him alone & also talked to me so I would know what & how to help. She worked very hard & determined to help him. He has made a complete u-turn & is now married & serving our country in the Army & of course off drugs & doing very good. I talk to him on a regular basis which was very hard for us to do before. He is in Afganistan right now & talking about re-enlisting while he is over there & talking about staying in for at least 20 yr. retirement. I HAVE No idea where my son would be today if it weren’t for V & I can not thank her enough.”
Joe Wensil
Richlands, NC
“Veenu’s vulnerability in sharing her life story and taking the risk of telling it in the 3rd person was so inspiring.”
Cindy Rold
Life Coach
“I never thought I would see such an improvement in such a short amount of time. When Veenu walks into the house, my son is ready to learn with her. He went from saying maybe 2 words once every few weeks, to at least 30+ words in less than 8 weeks.”
Jami Stoffel
New Bern, NC
“Veenu is a shining example of a powerful and feminine speaker. Her life and story is inspiring. She will compel you to remember who you really are.”
James Cooper
Author and Coach
“Veenu knew a little background on my 14 year old granddaughter Chris from what I had told her: low self esteem, depressed, sister problems, etc. The night Veenu met her unbelievable. Within 2 minutes, Chris was telling her some very personal feelings. I was dumbfounded. Veenu seemed to connect & relate to her immediately. Chris was in awe of everything Veenu was saying. Just in that short amount of time, it seemed Chris’s outlook changed for the better. She is polite, happy & talkative – and that’s first thing in the morning!!! I am so grateful to have Veenu in my granddaughters life, and MY LIFE. We love her!! “
Marina Saravia
Las Vegas, NV
“I wanted to drop a quick note to you to say thanks. The Behavioral Interventions training that several of my staff attended has been the talk of the office. The staff that attended were very impressed with your knowledge, enthusiasm and the energy that you brought to the class. Typically my staff does not want to attend trainings, they are boring and repetitious, and this class was different. The three staff that attended have stated that they would love to go to other classes that you teach. Please keep me informed of trainings that you are offering so I can register my staff. Again, thanks for teaching the class and keeping it interesting and exciting and for getting my staff excited about trainings.”
Dawn L McCullen
People of Potential, Inc., Jacksonville, NC
“Veenu is a beautiful, courageous woman, very inspirational with a mission and a vision to transform lives.”
Ja’el Tanti
“Veenu’s story and story telling ability is inspiring. She moved me to tears and kept me glued to my seat. You can not help but love her.”
Dr. Michael Aaron
“Veenu is an awesome and genuine woman and mother of two great kids. She not only inspires, but touches their lives and truly touched mine with her heartfelt stories and presence. She is both beautiful and a beautiful soul.”
Viktor Rambo
“Veenu is truly a wonderful, energetic soul, gifted by so many amazing life experiences that will have you spellbound, as she magnetically pulls you into her story. Be prepared to laugh and be moved.”
Nathan King
CEO & Founder of the Kingprogs Group Australia
“Veenu compels, inspires, and makes people laugh and cry with stories from her life that everyone can relate to. I highly recommend hiring Veenu for your next event.”
R. Douglas Allen
CEO, Blue Lion Capital Mgmt.
“Veenu will inspire you with an example of how to take what live gives you and DECIDE what to with it.”
Eric Roth
Las Vegas, NV
“Veenu has a long history of helping youth change their lives for the better. Her personal story of hardship touches the lives of adolescents, teens, and adults of all ages. You must hear Veenu speak ,as her message helps all to better understand who we are and how the path we chose can change our lives forever.”
Richard Castillano, MD
Co-founder CEO of Image Life International
Veenu was able to capture all students’ attention with her ability to tell her story with an appropriate tone and style. Her message undoubtedly left a profound impact on several of our students as so many expressed a willingness to speak with her after the visit. Veenu is not one to rush out the door, instead I watched her continue the dialogue with several of our students. This speaks to her dedication, passion, and willingness to be there for every child. We appreciate Veenu’s kindness and willingness to share her inspirational message.
Kevin Cyr, Lynnfield High School